viernes, septiembre 24, 2010

Being a Librarian...

Being a librarian means been a quiet super hero, with quiet super powers and a quite normal life. As a super hero we tend to help people any way we can, providing them with the information and security they need. Our super powers allow us to find exactly what we need in the amount of time required to dismantle our enemy the ignorance and to please our community. And then with all that work under our sleeves, we manage to be cool, and have a normal life by challenging our expectations on how to perfectly bake something, get the awesome new technology our partners need and master reading a book on a Friday evening. We have secret lives, full of unknown mysteries and talents. We are concern about you need, we are social, and militants, we are smart, but the best of all is that we have the tools that can make you become the person you want to be.

Visit your local library and support it...The Librarians are hiring sidekicks for their battle against ignorance and boredom. Be cool by donating new books, help create awareness about the importance of reading and volunteer in the library programs. The best that you can be is awaiting you @ your local library.

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